No. 1 reason for leaving a workplace is absence of team dynamics

What is Corporate Therapy?

Levels of Corporate Therapy

There are 3 levels of Corporate Therapy workshops.

Please, choose according to the levels of employees involved and the types of problems you are looking to solve.



Whom is it for?

All levels of employees, workgroups, and similar entities.


What problems does it solve?

Re-defining the functions of all employees involved to match their own, their colleagues’ and their managers expectations

Syncing each employees’ personal objectives with the departmental objectives


What activities are involved?


Role play

Verbal & body language reading



Whom is it for?

Heads of corporate departments and representatives of similar level company entities.


What problems does it solve?

Syncing departmental objectives to serve company objectives

Aligning communication between heads of departments


What activities are involved?

Active listening


Keyword analysis


Great news! Workshop can be carried out online.

Negotiating Corporate Direction

Whom is it for?

Directors, owners, investors, C-suite, and similar levels of management.


What problems does it solve?

Authenticating the vision of the company

Validating the mission of the company

Building the right dynamics among top-level management


What activities are involved?

Personal self-analysis

Corporate self-analysis

Blitz question-handling to reach inner knowing

All levels of workshops are carried out by a corporate therapist. 

Each workshop takes:

  • 1 day to deliver;

  • 1 week to prepare;

  • 1 day to discuss the results.

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How Corporate Therapy Works?

We form diverse teams of mid & senior managers, people from different departments, countries and similar divergent groups

We moderate corporate therapy sessions by asking qualitative questions and engaging in practical individual as well as team work

We leave you with insights on the self, the team and the corporate environment

Contact us to arrange a video call about the details!



It all starts with the self. What we think we are is not necessarily what others think we are. And both of us could be wrong. As you may guess by now, the first part of the workshop is a lot of fun. 

Professional Corporate Therapist

Vilija Bic

  • MBA with 10+ years of experience

  • PhD in Management Psychology

  • Speaker on the soft side of business from Israel to Spain


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