No. 1 reason for leaving a workplace is absence of team dynamics

What is Corporate Therapy?


All levels of employees are given means to express their function-related ideas and share them with their senior and junior colleagues in a constructive way.

Employees leave the workshop having (re)defined their corporate selves, which gives them motivation and a sense of purpose at work. 

team motivation

Most important corporate aspects are discussed within and among teams in order to build better workplace dynamics, to put teams on the same page and to make sure that departments and other corporate entities work towards same company goals.

practical and fun discussion in search of common grounds

Different levels of managers are gathered together to work on the same corporate truths in order to fill the gaps of understanding and action at work. At the end of the workshop your CEO will know exactly why and what your call center employees are doing, and vice versa.

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How Corporate Therapy Works?

We form diverse teams of mid & senior managers, people from different departments, countries and similar divergent groups

We moderate corporate therapy sessions by asking qualitative questions and engaging in practical individual as well as team work

We leave you with insights on the self, the team and the corporate environment

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It all starts with the self. What we think we are is not necessarily what others think we are. And both of us could be wrong. As you may guess by now, the first part of the workshop is a lot of fun. 

Professional Corporate Therapist

Vilija Bic

  • MBA with 10+ years of experience

  • PhD in Management Psychology

  • Speaker on the soft side of business from Israel to Spain


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