No. 1 reason for leaving a workplace is absence of team dynamics

Professional Corporate Therapist

Vilija Bic

  • PhD in Management Psychology

  • 10+ years of consulting experience

  • Global record working in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

Corporate Therapy Sessions

Available offline and online


Corporate Therapy sessions will help to get to know your corporate self better, align the corporate self with the individual self and to become better at what you do.

Who is it for?

Mid, senior and low level managers.

Corporate individuals, who are about to start at new positions, have just started or want to re-define their corporate selves and advance in their current positions.

Individual sessions are carried out



Corporate Therapy will help team members not only hear each other out, but also understand each other fully. It will align team member agendas with their colleagues’, their subordinates’ and their direct managers’. Teams, departments and work groups will work in alignment to achieve the corporate peace of mind.


Who is it for?

Diverse and remote-working teams and workgroups. 

Corporate Therapy sessions take place within and among departments and/or other types of corporate entities.

Individual employee, individual team leader, and team sessions are carried out


Collective Corporate Therapy helps all company employees align their Corporate Selves with the company identity. It engages all levels of employees in a dialogue to eradicate misalignment, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding. Collective CT helps align CxO view of the company with the rest of the executives. It includes both: individual and bottom-to-top sessions with lower level employees.

Who is it for?

All levels of company employees.

Individual and top-to-bottom group sessions are carried out

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The Benefits of Corporate Therapy

Corporate Therapy is a means to psychological corporate problem solving: individual, team, and company as a whole

Tapping into the (collective) corporate consciousness


Enabling (all levels of) employees to self-express, be heard and understood by their colleagues


Relying on the questions asked at the right time in the right order and of the right people rather than stuffing more theoretical information into employees’ heads


Appreciating that no consultant knows better than the employees of the company


Aligning individual corporate growth with the collective corporate direction


Preventing psychological corporate problems before they become such

The objective of Corporate Therapy is to solve problems before they become such. You're not sure where to start? We will help! 


Step 1: Situation Analysis


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Corporate Therapy is

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