What is corporate psychotherapy?


The Self is...

What we do

What we think of ourselves

What others think of us

We help individuals form the Big Picture of the Self, which is both - revealing & fun

team motivation

We build self-aware and conscious teams which know what they are expected to do, how they can do a better job and why it is important

practical and fun discussion in search of common grounds

We do not believe in compromise, because it is based on concession. So we employ generalization that leaves no opinion behind.

And we do not believe in lecturing you because no consultant knows better than you. So, we employ scientific questioning techniques that allow you to find the answers yourselves. We help you find common grounds that leave everyone heard, understood, and motivated to do their best at work. It's a promise!

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How corporate psychotherapy works?

We form diverse teams of mid & senior managers, people from different departments, countries and similar divergent groups

We moderate a corporate psychotherapy session by asking question and engaging in practical individual as well as group tasks

We leave you with insights on the self, the team and the corporate environment

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It all starts with the self. What we think we are is not necessarily what others think we are. And both of us could be wrong. As you may guess by now, the first part of the workshop is a lot of fun. 

Professional corporate psychotherapist

Vilija Bičiūnaitė

  • PhD in Management Psychology

  • Yoga - Alliance - certified Coach

  • Speaker on the soft side of business from Israel to Spain


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Conscious Individuals make...

Strong Teams make...

Lasting Corporations.

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