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Our Corporate Therapy workshops are delivered by a PhD-certified management psychologist, who has delivered workshops on the soft side of business in over 10 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

At YoBusiness we only use practically-tested scientific frameworks. We believe in theory as a means to give structure, but we never take it for fact until we test it in real world, and make our own adjustments to it. Our Corporate Therapy workshops are therefore built on the combination of both - scientific theories and the good global practices.

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Putting Employees on the Same Page

Diverse teams bring a lot to the corporate table. They think different, they have different experiences and they act different. It is therefore vital for any future-oriented corporation to form different teams to be able to go glocal and stay innovative. 

But diverse groups bring new challenges to the company and to their human resources managers. Because what they think you mean when you say what you say does not equal to what you really meant when you said what you said. So, modern workplaces are forced to face the challenge of not only forming but also keeping diverse teams (motivated). 

At YoBusiness, we moderate Corporate Therapy sessions that allow every one of the team members to be heard and understood as they intend. We help teams get on the same page, collect constructive feedback on themselves and their teams. We make sure that everyone in the company sees the future of the company in the same way. We make Corporate Therapy fun and practical. We engage in actions and skip the theories. We ask questions rather than present the scientific truths to you. And we leave you with insights on the self, the team and the company.

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