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The Corporate Therapy Method to Improve HR Analytics

Corporate Therapy method to HR analytics improvement is different than from traditional training in 2 ways. First of all, it focuses on the Why rather than the What. Secondly, it is exclusively practice-oriented. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solutions to the human side of enterprise.  

YoBusiness corporate therapists co-create solutions together with the employees of the company. The Corporate Therapy method relies on the collective team consciousness and creates solutions which are sustainable and 100% applicable.

Image by Andrew Stutesman

Fixing the Root Problems, not the Symptoms

XXI c. brought a lot of psychological problems to workplaces: alienation, misalignment, strategic distancing, fight-freeze-flee mentality, etc. And YoBusiness embarked on a mission to make Corporate Therapy No.1 choice to fixing each and every HR analytics out there.


YoBusiness employs science-proved and reality-backed questioning frameworks to empower employees to be and do their corporate best. No matter the circumstance. Using a unique method of open question-handling, verbal and non-verbal language reading, YoBusiness helps solve psychological corporate problems in the workplace.

We ask the questions, you give the answers, we co-create solutions. Because no consultant knows better than the employees themselves.