Science Meets


Corporate Therapy sessions are delivered by a PhD-certified management psychologist, who has delivered session in over 10 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

At YoBusiness we only use practically-tested scientific frameworks. We believe in theory as a means to give structure, but we never take it for fact until we test it in the real world, and make our own adjustments to it. Our Corporate Therapy sessions are therefore built on the combination of both - scientific theories and the good global practices.

Image by Andrew Stutesman

The Unique Approach of Corporate Therapy

XXI c. brought a lot of psychological problems to workplaces: alienation, misalignment, strategic distancing, fight-freeze-flee mentality, etc. And YoBusiness embarked on a mission to make Corporate Therapy No.1 choice for psychological company problem-solving.


YoBusiness employs science-proved and reality-backed questioning frameworks to empower employees to be and do their corporate best. No matter the circumstance. Using a unique method of open question-handling, verbal and non-verbal language reading, YoBusiness helps solve psychological corporate problems in the workplace.

We ask the questions, you give the answers, we co-create solutions. Because no consultant knows better than the employees themselves.