Frequently asked questions about Corporate Therapy

What is Corporate Therapy?

It is a means to psychological corporate issue solution. Examples of psychological corporate issues include clashing agendas, assessment phobia, colleague rivalry. Psychological corporate problems can be solved both: collectively and individually.

What are the most common HR-related corporate issues?

A few popular examples of HR-related corporate issues include employee rivalry, alienation between departments, and, recently, distancing.

How is Corporate Therapy related to psychology?

Corporate Therapy addresses psychological problems, but only of corporate origin, such as wrong team dynamics. CT does not deal with personal psychological issues.

How does Corporate Therapy work?

Corporate therapists ask open-ended questions aimed, read verbal and non-verbal language and thus co-solve corporate psychological issues.

How long does a Corporate Therapy session last?

Individual Corporate Therapy sessions last 30-minutes to 1 hour. Blitz 5-minute sessions are also conducted ad-hoc to clarify some issues if needed.

Are Corporate Therapy sessions conducted online?

Yes, CT sessions can take place online via a video call.

When is Corporate Therapy useful?

Engaging in Corporate Therapy is useful at any stage of your own, your team’s or your company’s development: initial, growth, maturity, or renewal stages. At each of these stages, different corporate psychological issues are being solved during CT sessions.

Is Corporate Therapy expensive?

Given the fact that it is a tailored type of corporate “training”, it is not expensive at all. Individual Corporate Therapy sessions are charged hourly. Team and company session rates are negotiated based on the number of employees and the duration.

Whom is Corporate Therapy for?

All levels of employees, teams, and the company as a whole. The issues addressed during Corporate Therapy sessions will differ for each.

Can individual Corporate Therapy be combined with team therapy?

Absolutely. Much like in couple therapy, in Corporate Therapy individual CT sessions are combined with team sessions.

Is there a maximum number of employees that can take part in a Corporate Therapy session?

No. Working with larger groups corporate therapists usually form smaller groups and work with these groups on relating corporate psychological issues. Once the issues are solved within groups, group representatives form new groups and engage in solving yet bigger corporate issues.

Is there an end to Corporate Therapy?

Yes. When solving concrete psychological corporate issues, weekly sessions are recommended. When the fire is out, monthly sessions to keep the corporate atmosphere healthy are recommended. Once individuals and team leaders start recognizing how to deal with corporate issues that arise, the corporate therapist job is done.

How long should I plan to engage in Corporate Therapy?

The time needed to solve corporate psychological issues depends on the issue(s). Corporate Therapy sessions start with the issue given to the therapist. As the sessions continue, the issue may change or more relating issues may come into play. If the issue remains the same, usually, 3-5 weekly CT sessions are enough to solve 1 corporate issue.

Is Corporate Therapy suitable for CxO?

Yes. CxO level employees solve psychological issues such as control, creativity, corporate self reinvention, and similar.

Can Corporate Therapy solve company problems?

Yes, if the problems are of psychological origin, such as colleague alienation, control issues, clashing agendas, or similar.

How do I know if Corporate Therapy is working?

A quality Corporate Therapy session end-result is clarity on the issue discussed, even after the first session. The end-result of later CT sessions is actionable steps to corporate problem-solving.

What is the end-result of Corporate Therapy?

The end-result of Corporate Therapy is the co-created solution to the psychological corporate problem(s) discussed.

Can Corporate Therapy make corporate matters worse?

No. However, during Corporate Therapy sessions more related corporate problems may arise.

Is Corporate Therapy fun or?...

Yes, of course. Corporate Therapy identifies corporate psychological issues, the reasons behind them, and the solutions are co-created together with the employee(s). What could be more fun?

What methods are used in Corporate Therapy?

The methods used in Corporate Therapy are targeted open question-handling, verbal and non-verbal body language reading, and thousands of ad-hoc techniques.

How is Corporate Therapy better than other kinds of problem-solving?

Corporate Therapy has a much broader scope than other kinds of company problem-solving due to 2 main reasons: 1. It solves individual employee and company problems all at once 2. It has a more lasting effect as it deals with the psychological roots of the problems, rather than fixing situational issues

Should all employees be involved in Corporate Therapy to get good results in a company?

Involving headquarters' employees is enough to achieve good results with Corporate Therapy. If the main leaders of the company find problem solutions together, they then spread the word among their team members.

What's the ROI?

Referring to research done in 2021, clarity in the workplace correlates with employee satisfaction (75%), employee productivity (83%), workplace loyalty (84%), effective work (86%). And clarity is usually the end-result of just 1 session. Jaw-dropping.

What problems does Corporate Therapy solve?

Any HR-related issues at work: satisfaction, engagement, cooperation, effectiveness, efficiency. You name it, we solve it.

English is our company language, not our native employee language. Will the benefits of Corporate Therapy be somewhat smaller?

Absolutely not. The aim of Corporate Therapy is find and deal with the reasons of employee and workplace issues. And, in order to dig the truth out, simplification is one of the tactics employed. You must know English in order to benefit from CT. But you must not be 100% fluent. In fact, simple English is preferred.

How do I classify Corporate Therapy in terms of budgeting?

Corporate Therapy can be regarded as: 1. Employee training as it grows the Corprorate Self of employees 2. Employee benefit as individual corporate problem-solving sessions take place 3. Employee experience as it helps employees be heard and seen by their colleagues and superiors 4. Wellness initiative as it improves the workplace atmosphere CT can be classified in many ways, as it focues in the psychological workplace problem-solving. Which is around 90% of all company problems.

How is coaching different from Corporate Therapy?

Coaching is great. It solves employee problems one at a time. Corporate Therapy is great, too. It finds the root of the problem, and fixes the root. So, you don't have to deal with problems of that same root ever again.

Do you run Corporate Therapy sessions with ALL employees?

The employee benefits package allows all employees to book individual 20-minute weekly sessions with a corporate therapist. This solves individual employee work-related problems to boost workplace effectiveness.
The HQ plan focuses on the top management. In this case, group sessions are run within departments & with the head of departments.

Is Corporate Therapy "a training" for top level management, or is it for all levels of employees?

All levels of employees solve work-related problems on a daily basis. So, question is not, IF corporate therapy can be useful to all levels of employees. Question is, HOW MUCH a company is ready to invest in all (levels of) employees.
The work-related problems of top level management and other levels of employees will differ. But the fact remains the same: all employees have problems to solve. And they can all benefit from corporate therapy.

What are the benefits of Corporate Therapy?

The top 3 benefits of Corporate Therapy sessions are: 1. Improved ALL HR metrics, such as employee turnover, workplace satisfaction
2. Improved employee EQ
3. Conscious employee growth, not random skill improvement