3 Pandemic-Proof Employee Archetypes

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Pandemic-Proof Employee Roles

2020 has been the year that changed employee selection process a lot. The relaxing onboarding parties, plentiful facetime and frequent feedback are on the verge of extinction due to corporate distancing and remote work. HR specialists find themselves wondering how to find the right people for the right positions, who can not only survive the changing corporate circumstances, but to make the best of them. So, what kind of employee types HR need to look for when hiring post-Covid?

  1. The DIY

The psychography. Contrary to the picture, those are the employees who enjoy looking for answers, be it google or elsewhere. They don’t wait for instruction and are happy to create it. They are the learning type, who are comfortable building processes to the end-results. These types of employees tend to know a lot of things that are not necessarily work-related, but they know how to make this knowledge work for them.

The selection. Best way to spot a DIY type of employee is to give them a trial task that is solely end-result focused. If you’re dealing with a DIY type, they will enjoy the process. If it is not a DIY type of employee, they will come back with lots of questions.

  1. The Daredevil

The psychography. The daredevils are the type of employees who are ready to march into the unknown first. New client, new market, you name it. They usually possess neither fear, nor doubt in the work they do. Since breaking the barriers has become the new norm in business, having daredevils on the team is vital.

The selection. Best way to select a daredevil is to give them a problem to solve. And, of course, the bigger the problem, the better. The evaluation criteria is novelty of solution. The idea might look stupid, but what HR’s should be looking for is courage, not wits. After all, it is taking score on day one!

  1. The Water Sack

The psychography. The reason why every company needs a water sack type of employee is self-explanatory looking at the picture. Usually, employees have just enough stamina to last the expected pitfalls. But the water sack types not only have the stamina to last a lot more but are also available to support others. They have the character to deliver even when things do not go according to plan for long periods of time. In fact, some are so tough you literally have to fire them to make them give up. Given the fact that this may not be the last pandemic businesses will have to go through, it makes sense that water sacks are a necessity on the team.

The selection. Put them on the team for a day and see what happens. Once the day is over, see if the candidate has managed to make friends with the majority of the team members and run a quick test on the things that (s)he managed to find out about the company. High score on both of those aspects is a good sign.

In order to thrive in the brave new world, HR specialists need a good selection of team members. The 3 psychological archetypes to look for are the daredevils to solve problems, the water sacks to keep the spirit of the team alive and the DIY types to work on the new ways to do business. If you have all 3 on the team, you are future-ready.