Dealing with Jackpot Jackass at Work

Employees come in all shapes of minds

It is best to form great teams of employees, who are able, willing, and emphatic team players. But also leaders, when needed. And visionaries, if the situation calls for it. But the reality of teams if often (always?) different. The reality is that while some employees will be like those ideals we just described, others will be just the opposite. And while being those jackasses at work, they will also be regarded as jackpots. Simply because they will bring good results or because they are super skilled in something that is very much needed on a given day. And so you and the rest of the team will be left to deal with those jackpot jackasses at work, day by day. To help deal with the JJ at work, below are the 3 things that work if you wish to keep all 3: the relationships with the jackpot jackass, your own spirits, and the job.

Be Transparent

Nothing irritates a gifted employee more than open secrets. Especially if those secrets are about them. Everyone thinks the (s)he is a JJ? Let them know that! Believe it or not, they will appreciate the honesty. Playing with open cards is always a good idea, as it is hard to outsmart those gifted employees. Also, it makes sense because transparency serves everyone else in the company. Make the motives of JJ presence in the workplace known to all. This leaves no room for rumor and saves the day(s) at work.

Negotiate New Rules

Common rules usually do not apply to the jackpot jackass employees at work. Or so they think. Whether the rules apply or they simply think so, either way, the outcome is still the same - new ones are needed. It is always a good idea to approach JJ employees head-on and with a clear intention. The sooner the two of you agree on new ways of cooperation, the better the outcomes for all. Never be afraid to push your own agenda in this case, as the JJ will do exactly the same. Jackpot jackass employees usually do a very good job, and this leaves a lot of room for negotiating new ways of doing the work. Make allowances about “the how”, and you will save “the what”.

Let Them Loose

Never ever micromanage a jackpot jackass at work. Even if you theoretically should. Why? Because their ability to do a good job is what keeps them in the workplace in the first place. So, why would you bear with them and not even take advantage of them? The less you check in with the JJ, the better the outcome of their work will be. In fact, it is best if you negotiate a few check-in points, and just let them run free. If they have an issue along the way, they will let you know. Have no doubt about that.

While the big picture all companies hold in their collective employee mind is a friendly place for growth, the ugly reality sometimes bites. And one of the common ways it bites is having a jackpot jackass at work. Good news is they deliver. Bad news is they could potentially spoil pretty much anything outside their direct expertise. Great news is there are ways to handle jackpot jackasses at work and keep them and everyone else relatively happy.

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