How to be Flawsome at Work?

Here’s the truth: sooner or later you will fail at work. The question is WHEN, not IF. Because nobody knows everything. Or, in other words, there is no such thing as a flawless expert, boss, or employee. So, if it is not possible to be flawless at work, how can you become flawsome at work? Some tips below!

Expose Yourself First

Want to be seen as flawsome? Talk about your flaws. It is a paradox, but it is also a fact. Since you cannot hide your flaws forever, it is a good idea to address them yourself before your boss or “that evil colleague” does it. It is a solution-oriented approach which makes you exactly that - flawsome.

By “going public” you build your Corporate Face, become a better team player, show initiative, save time and money for the company, etc. Among all the benefits, the only thing that could go wrong is that you will be seen as not being flawless. Which you already are anyway. So, this move is an obvious win-win.

Prioritize Change, not Plans

Not to say that you shouldn’t make plans at work. But you should make constant and ongoing changes to them.There is no such thing as the end destination at work. So, live (with) it. Oftentimes employees think that change in direction is a sign of weakness. But instead it is the biggest sign of strength and ability to adjust. Which is exactly what’s needed at work. So, feel free to adjust the course as many times as needed and make it an ongoing practice.

Don’t Take Work (Too) Seriously

“But I want to be seen as an expert”, - an IT employee during a corporate therapy session said. So, here’s the truth: to be an expert and to be serious are unrelated. It’s like glue and cookies, not “milk and cookies”. You want to be an expert? Congratulations. But being too serious about work makes you the police in the workplace, not an expert. And with that kind of attitude flaws at work will have to be punished for. Which leaves no room to be flawsome.

So, you will still fail at work as that’s the law of business, but you will have to pay for those flaws, too, every time. Eventually, this will kill the initiative and create the culture of fear. So, the question is this: Which will make your workplace more efficient and effective - chasing the flawed or being the flawsome?

So, being flawless at work is still among the hottest topics during corporate therapy sessions. Some employees are not comfortable with failure, others operate on the illusion that flawlessness equals expertise, others yet take their Corporate Self flaws personally. All of which leads to the same thing - more flaws. The only way out of this vicious circle is to be flawsome rather than flawless. Which means, failing at work and still being awesome at work. All at once.