What is Corporate Self Made of?

There are aspects of Corporate Self you should know about
Corporate Self does not equal personal self

Corporate Self does not equal Personal Self. Personal Self is made of outside work roles: family, friends, and the like. Corporate Self is “what you are like” at work. And the “what” is made of 3 aspects: what you do, how you do it, and - tadam - how your colleagues see you. And so until you embrace all 3 aspects of your Corporate Self, your Corporate Identity will remain unstable. Which, of course, gets in the way of personal branding. But that is a story for another day. For now, some theory-backed and practice-proven insights into the Corporate Self below.

1. The WHAT (you do)

Function is easy, right? You know what you’re supposed to do in a company and how you will be measured. The problem is, though, that there is no complete description of a function. Like there is no complete description of family or friendship. And this is where the Corporate Self comes in. Instead of performing the functions in a company, it is thus always a better idea to perform around your functions. There is always a thin line where one employee’s function ends, and another employee’s function begins. What you do then is a reflection of your Corporate Self. Do you discuss it? Or do you just do some extra work? Or do you expect the other party to come to you with suggestions? Or?.. There are very many ways to handle the situation. Point in case is this: it does make up a big part of your Corporate Self and, eventually, personal brand at work.

2. The HOW (you do it)

There are around 60 ways to do the same thing at work. Science. And the choice defines your Corporate Self. For example, you could be taking shortcuts focusing on speed. Or you could be making an extra measure before you cut and thus prioritize quality. Or you could collect opinions, and then draw cold-hearted mathematical conclusions on actions. Or vice versa. There is no right or wrong way to do things at work, as long as they’re done. But “the how” will build your reputation at work. And pave the way to future tasks, projects, and career.

3. The WHAT (again)

The third part of the Corporate Self is your colleagues’ opinions about you. So, yes, your Corporate Self is not entirely up to you. At least, not directly. What you do and how you do it forms the third part of the Corporate Self. So, it is always a good idea to keep it real with the 360-degree feedback. That is, not only the feedback from your superiors, but also from those around you and below you at work. Think of it this way: you could deliver the results because you got lucky or because you’re a good specialist, which is defined not so much by what you did (result), but what others think of you (opinions of your colleagues). And it’s easy to guess these 2 differing notions make for a very different Corporate Self.

Know thyself at work. Your career begins and ends with this knowledge. So, become conscious about what you do at work, how you do it, and what your colleagues think of you. Because these are the 3 keys to building your Corporate Self. And, with time, your personal brand at work.

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