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Alexandro Flamos, Director of TEESlab,

From Ground to Growth


CT as means to grow the team and the company

The green energy lab in Greece has benefited from corporate therapy through 3 cycles:

1. In the stage of establishment, the team workshop evolved  around the strategic decisions of corporate identity building

2. In the expansion stage, the company benefited from corporate therapy when it onboarded new

 employees, and the session's objective was to put the freshmen on the same page in the most cost & time effective way

3. Third time the client benefited from corporate therapy sessions when the company was growing & it needed to align strategic directions & tactical actions.

The end result was a viable company growth & the landing of the European Commission client account.

A lot of fun!

Uri Aizik, IDC Herzliya entrepreneurship academy,

Helping Startup Ideas Grow 


CT as means to form & grow strong teams

IDC Herzliya is an Ivy League startup space in Israel. The objective of corporate therapy was to align the vision, mission and other tactical steps among the idea people, the executives, the strategists, and anyone in between. The end-result was clarity of function and good corporate atmosphere.

The discussions didn't end with the workshop

Peter Olapegba, coordinator at UI,

CT as means to brainstorm corporate growth directions

The objective of the corporate therapy session in Nigeria was to tap into the collective consciousness of the students of the University of Ibadan in order to perform a reality check on Nigeria as an entity.

CT workshop was moderated. The end-result was a pool of viable ideas on the directions

 for global corporate growth.

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