Employees are not there to support managers. Everyone has their own corporate ladder to climb.


Corporate Therapy Sessions

Available offline and online


Available for individuals and individual company employees.

Individual online video sessions take place to solve human resources-related corporate problems. Colleague rivalry, feeling lost in the company are examples of the corporate issues worked on.

Who is it for?

All levels of employees, who have human resources-related problems, want to feel good at work, or re-define themselves in the workplace.

The end-result

Conscious & sustainable employee growth leading to improved performance


Online individual ongoing sessions. Session duration is 30 min. or 1h. Preferred frequency: weekly


First session is complementary, all you need to do is book it. Consecutive sessions are pre-paid 2 days in advance.


Measurable improvement in performance in 8 sessions


Available for corporate units, such as work teams, departments, or similar.

Individual and group sessions are conducted to put all team members on the same page. Team issues are solved. Applicable in times of new team formation, growth, restructuring, and to stay competitive.


Who is it for?

Diverse and remote-working

work groups, teams, and departments of all sizes.

The end-result

100% team cooperation for increased performance.

Good team relationships are built to increase cooperation within and among teams.


Online 30-minute individual sessions and offline group sessions. Preferred frequency: weekly individual sessions & a day's group session to discuss  the practices for increased performance.


First, individual sessions take place. The problem field is identified and discussed with HRD. Then, offline team session follows.


Dependable on the size of the team

Corporate Therapy Method

Corporate Therapy is a company problem-solution method, which deals not only with the problem, but also with the cause of the problem. Unlike other traditional types of trainings, it helps companies make sure that the problem solutions are sustainable.


Corporate Therapy eliminates the problem by eradicating the roots of the problem. And it does so by dealing with the most important company asset - the people. 

For example, a drop in sales could be due to clashing employee agendas, fear of feedback from the boss or some other reason. And these reasons need to be eliminated. Otherwise, the drop in sales will continue to be a recurring issue.