Employees are not there to support managers. Everyone has their own corporate ladder to climb.


How does Corporate Therapy Work?

Psychological Corporate Problem-Solving with the help of a SNAKE

Is a 5-step process:



Corporate Self, superior, inferior, and colleague problem-related actions are co-analyzed. The end-result is a list of potential psychological reasons behind the problem.



This step is an important integral part of corporate problem-solving as it deals with the psychology of truth. The idea is to go back into the workplace and negotiate the reasons you identify as the root of the problem. Hint: just because you think so, does not mean it is true.



Acceptance is the integration part of the negotiated psychological reasons behind the problem. The reasons must be fully understood before change is made.


now Thyself

Just because you accept something, does not mean you will find it acceptable. In order to solve the problem, the collective truth of the company has to match the truth of the Corporate Self. The necessary adjustments to the Corporate Self identity are made.



The solution to any problem is action. At this step, an action plan to problem-solution is co-created. 

In just 1 year Corporate Therapy can double:

Workplace satisfaction

Colleague cooperation

Serious Conversation

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